Free Website Builder

Included free with all web hosting plans, the drag-and-drop website builder offers a super-intuitive interface and a selection of fully customizable design themes to choose from. Using the Website Builder, you can easily create your own, unique, modern-looking website with just a few clicks. Working with the tool is really simple and easy. Just select a template that suits the purpose of your new website and then rearrange its elements like banner area, paragraphs, images, etc. with simple drag-and-drop actions. Also, you will have control over the color scheme and graphics of your website and will be able to add various modules to it.

A Drag-and-Drop Interface

The Website Builder boasts an organized drag-and-drop interface meaning that you can drag and drop elements anywhere without losing control over your website look and feel. You can rest assured that your website will always look clean and will display seamlessly across all types of devices – from desktops to tablets and phones of various resolutions.

Fully Responsive Site Design

Thanks to its fully responsive functionality, the Website Builder will make your newly launched website look perfect on any device used by your visitors. You will not need to make any special adjustments for that. Your website contents will be fit to the viewer’s screen automatically thanks to the in-built mobile-friendliness of the Website Builder.

100+ Design Themes

Integrated SEO Options

The Website Builder offers a tableless design which makes your website Google-friendly automatically. The tool also features a SEO section from where you can set custom, website-wide and per-page meta data (meta title, meta description, etc.). Also, you can create SEO-friendly menu links for your website. Thus, you can make sure you get as many visitors coming from Google and other search engines as possible.

Integrated Help Centre

If you feel lost working with the Website Builder, you can always ask the smart assistant for help or make use of the video tutorials featured in the Website Builder interface. You can recognize the latter by the floating Video icon on right side – click on it and go straight to a rich library of how-to video tutorials!