Why choose KVM VPS?

The acronym “KVM” stands for “Kernel-based Virtual Machine” – a virtualization technology that has taken advantage of the hardware virtualization support offered by many newer Intel and AMD processor models. Baked right into the kernel of the host Operating System, giving it native virtualization capabilities, KVM provides better performance than virtualization technologies that rely on hosted hypervisors running in conventional OS environments. Native hypervisors run directly on the host machine’s hardware, which means that KVM virtual servers have direct access to the resources offered by the physical host. And since requests are sent directly to the hardware, there’s no need for an additional software layer either. This means less overhead and less virtual machine-generated load. Experiments have demonstrated that the performance of a properly configured KVM with VirtIO drivers is almost the same as that of an identically configured dedicated server, with the KVM being outperformed by a mere 3%.

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